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Harumi in Chuo Ward is at the heart of Tokyo. At the waterfront that overlooks a calm canal spreads an urban setting that fills everyone’s heart with happiness. “Harumi Triton Square” is a multipurpose community of the new era where leading-edge offices, bustling shopping facilities and a relaxed living environment are found in harmony in the heart of nature.

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introducing the facilities
A landmark of Harumi, the “Triple Tower” is a high-rise office complex made up of three towers – X, Y and Z. With this building at the center, business for a new future has begun.
Step inside and you will feel as if you had wandered into a stylish town in southern Europe. The shops and restaurants here will let you fully enjoy shopping and dining.
“Music”, “residence”, “car life” and “medical care” all work together to enrich your everyday life. Here, you will have the opportunities to encounter and interact with various cultures.
Introducing the environment
At the heart of “Harumi Triton Square” are flowers, greenery and water that let you enjoy the coming and going of seasons.
With seasonal flowers in blossom and lush greenery around, you can relax on a bench or take a leisurely stroll while listening to the clear sound of running water. Enjoy a time of comfort in this “urban oasis.”

We have been certified by the “SEGES (Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System)” as an “urban oasis”.