Welcome to Harumi Triton!
At these shops & restaurants, you can enjoy shopping and dining to your heart's content in Harumi, Chuo-ku, in the heart of Tokyo.

"Work, play, and live in comfort. An urban space where all people connect with smiles."
Harumi, Chuo-ku, in the heart of Tokyo.
Extending across a waterfront facing a gently flowing canal is this fulfilling urban space where everyone can be happy.Take a step in, and feel as though you are wandering into an elegant southern European cityscape. Harumi Triton Square is a complex urban center for a new era in which advanced offices, bustling shopping facilities, and a serene living environment harmonize together in rich natural surroundings.



1-8-16 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053

By train

  • Approximately 4 minutes walk from exits A2a or A2b (Tsukishima station side) of Kachidoki Station(E17) on the Toei Subway Oedo Line
  • Approximately 9 minutes walk from exit 10 of Tsukishima Station(Y21・E16) on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line or Toei Subway Oedo Line

By bus

【Toei Bus:Get off at Harumi Triton Square-mae stop】

  • Route Number"都03"
    Harumi-Futō ~〈Via, Ginza-Yonchōme (Ginza 4)〉~Yotsuya Sta.
  • Route Number"都05-1"
    Harumi-Futō ~〈Via, Ginza-Yonchōme (Ginza 4)〉~Tokyo Sta.(Marunouchi South Exit)
  • Route Number"都05-2"
    Tokyo Big Sight ~〈Via, Ginza-Yonchōme (Ginza 4)〉~Tokyo Sta. (Marunouchi South Exit)
  • Route Number"市01"
    Shimbashi Sta.~〈Via, Kachidoki Sta.〉~Toyosu-Shijō
Toei bus Real-Time information Service.

【Harumi Liner】

Harumi Liner (TYO-01) Route: Harumi Triton Square - Higashi Ginza Sta. - Yurakucho Sta. - Tokyo Sta. Yaesu North Exit - Nihonbashi Takashimaya - Harumi Triton Square
*There are other bus routes to Harumi Triton Square.
For details, see the information from the link below.

Hitachi Jidosha Kotsu Group URL

By car

  • Get off the Shuto Expressway at Ginza IC and head straight toward Harumi Kachidoki (about 10 minutes)
  • Get off the Shutoko Metropolitan Expressway at Harumi IC.(about 5 minutes)

Parking information

Opening hours

7 am to 11:30 pm (last entry 10:30 pm)

Parking capacity:

490 cars


Regular fee (weekdays, weekends, holidays): 400 yen for first hour and 200 yen every 30 minutes thereafter
Maximum fee: 2,400 yen on weekdays / 1,600 yen on weekends and holidays
*The maximum fee ensures a reasonable price for those parking long-term.
*Can be used in conjunction with 1-hour parking tickets.

Coupon tickets

1-hour parking ticket, set of 10: 3,600 yen
1-hour parking ticket, set of 100: 34,000 yen
*Reasonable prices for those parking often.

Discounted parking is available for those using Harumi Triton shops or restaurants.

Purchases over 2,500 yen (without tax) at a single shop or restaurant: 1 hour free parking ticket
Purchases over 5,000 yen (without tax) at a single shop or restaurant: 2 hours free parking ticket
*Maximum free parking time is 2 hours.
*Purchases at multiple stores cannot be totaled.
*Please note that the following businesses listed do not issue parking service tickets.

MUFG Bank  Seven Bank  Mizuho Bank SMBC AEON Bank

Hospital Harumi Triton Square Post Office FamilyMart CoCo Ichibanya Asian Dining Jarana

Contact details

Triton Parking Management Office

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To those shopping or dining at Harumi Triton (shops & restaurants)

Shop & restaurant opening hours
Shops: 11 am to 9 pm
Restaurants: 11 am to 11 pm
*Some stores differ from these hours—early mornings,
late-night opening, etc.
For details, please check each store’s website.

Payment with various cards

When shopping at Harumi Triton, various credit cards, J-Debit cards, and gift certificates can be used in addition to cash, as indicated below.

Credit cards available for use.
*Not available at some stores.


Maruetsu Petit
TEL 03-5547-3288

TEL 03-3533-0271
[Hamburger restaurant]

Kaisen Misakiko
TEL 03-5859-5006
[Conveyor-style sushi]

TEL 03-3532-2641
[Café & bar]

Triton Kitchen Food Court [Food court]

Seven Bank
[Bank & ATM]

TEL 03-5859-5058 [Burger Cafe,Bakery]

Marugame-seimen(Inside the Triton Kitchen Food Court)
TEL 03-3534-2533
[Sanuki Udon]

Mita Seimenjo(Inside the Triton Kitchen Food Court)
[Tsukemen (dipping noodle) restaurant]

daoThai(Inside the Triton Kitchen Food Court)
TEL 03-6204-9932
[Thai food]

Yoshinoya(Inside the Triton Kitchen Food Court)
TEL 03-6225-0323
[Beef Bowl]

koutourou(Inside the Triton Kitchen Food Court)
TEL 03-6228-2286
[Chinese food)]

Pony cleaning
TEL 03-6220-8832

Magic Machine
TEL 03-5144-8233
[Clothing repair]

TEL 03-5560-0515
[Shoes / Bag Repair Cleansing & Care Private Key]

Hoken Minaoshi Honpo
TEL 03-3534-1556

Harumi Eye Clinic
TEL 03-5859-5872

On the Desk
TEL 03-5547-1088
[Stationery & accessories]

Nail Quick
TEL 03-5547-0023
[Nail salon]

MUFG bank
[Bank & ATM]

Seven Bank
[Bank & ATM]

Mizuho Bank
[Bank & ATM]

[Bank & ATM]

Bookstore Kumazawa
TEL 03-5547-4460
[Magazines & books]

7-Eleven Harumi Triton Square store
TEL 03-6220-0707
[Convenience store]

TEL 03-3532-2720

TEL 03-6204-2400
[Relaxation studio]

TEL 03-3533-3535
[Contact lenses]


Segafredo Zanetti Espresso
TEL 03-5144-8220
[Italian bar]

St. Marc Café
TEL 03-6221-0309
[Self-serve café]

Aroma Bloom
TEL 03-6219-7518
[Relaxation goods]

TEL 03-6204-2851
[Mobile phone & smartphones]

TEL 03-5547-1754
[Ladies' & kids' fashion]

TEL 03-5144-8215


TEL 03-6219-5801

Harumi Triton Square Post Office
TEL 03-3531-8080

TEL 03-5859-0029
[Flower shop]

Palette Plaza
TEL 03-3536-8210
[Photo printing service]

TEL 03-3533-1188
[Sandwiches & café]

Bombay Café
TEL 03-5144-8256
[Indian restaurant]

TEL 03-5144-8231
[Convenience store]

KA·RA·DA factory
TEL 03-5547-0240
[Chiropractic salon]

TEL 03-5166-0881

TEL 03-6221-3048
[Household goods]

TEL 03-5548-7580
[Beauty salon]

Kids Plaza ASC
TEL 03-5546-1325
[Tokyo city-certified child care]

Bento Station
[Bento lunch boxes]

[Kids English Conversational Class]

Popular Sake Bar Nagaishi Shoten
[Popular Sake Bar]

[Dance Class]

Nitori Deco Home
[Interior goods]

[Bank & ATM]


TEL 03-5144-8259

Harumi Triton Yume-mirai Clinic
TEL 03-3536-1361
[Pediatrics / Otolaryngology / Dermatology / Allergology / Sick Child Care Room]

Harumi Triton Dental Clinic
TEL 03-3533-4646
[Dental care]

Tsukiji Shokudo Gen-chan
TEL 03-5547-1161
[Seafood, izakaya]

Yakiniku Toraji
TEL 03-5144-8239
[Yakiniku barbeque]

Tonkatsu Wako
TEL 03-5144-0117
[Tonkatsu fried pork cutlets]

Excelsior Caffé
TEL 03-5144-8241
[Espresso café]

Yokatai Kyushu
[Local chicken and fresh fish]

Shinshu Soba Sojibo
TEL 03-5144-8245
[Soba noodle izakaya]

Mara Daigaku
TEL 03-5547-4626
[Sichuan cuisine]

Handmade Izakaya Kappougi
TEL 03-3532-5228
[Handmade Japanese izakaya]

Sachifukuya Café
TEL 03-3532-8772
[Japanese cuisine]

Taiwan Restaurant Arijou
TEL 03-5859-5711
[Taiwanese izakaya]

GYUKATSU Kyotokatsugyu
TEL 03-6228-2990
[Beef cutlet]

Taiyo-no-Ko Harumi Triton Daycare Center
TEL 03-6228-2085
[Tokyo city-certified child care]


Available services

Nursing room2F

Hours of use: 11 am to 9 pm
Breastfeeding, diaper changing, hot water available.
Men are not allowed to enter the baby room.
When using the diaper changing stand,
please use the multipurpose toilet on each floor.

Multipurpose restroom1F・2F・3F

Installed on each floor.

Coin lockers1F

Hours of use: 7 am to midnight
Price: 200 yen/day
*Refrigerated lockers are not available.

AED (automatic external defibrillator)2F・1F

Location: 2F Grand Lobby, next to information desk
1F McDonald’s, next to the windbreak room


Opening hours: 7 am to midnight

ATM / Cash dispensers

Seven Bank1F・2F

Opening hours: 7 am to midnight
*Use of coins not supported.


Opening hours: 7 am to 11 pm
*Not available for use after 9 pm on the second Saturday of every month.

Mizuho Bank2F

Weekdays: 7 am to midnight
Saturdays: 7 am to 10 pm
Sundays: 8 am to 9 pm
*No change to hours on public holidays.


Weekdays: 7 am to midnight
Saturdays: 7 am to midnight
Holidays: 7 am to 9 pm
*No change to hours on public holidays.

Free Wi-Fi1F・2F・3F

Available at some shops and restaurants

Prohibited behavior

  • Drinking alcohol inside the facility (drinking is completely prohibited except for restaurants and terrace seating.)
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the facility.
    *Some stores may permit smoking. For more details, please contact each store.
  • Putting hands inside trash cans / Taking out contents from trash cans / Putting household garbage in trash cans
  • Nuisance behavior (fighting, noise, dancing, sleeping, drunkness, causing odors, etc.)
  • Dangerous behavior (carrying dangerous goods, children running around, skateboarding, playing around elevators/escalators, etc.)
  • Unauthorized gathering or business activities in communal areas
  • Bringing in pets (except guide dogs, care dogs, and hearing dogs)
  • Bringing in bicycles, kickboards, skateboards, or shoes with rollers attached

*The facility is open to foot traffic from 7 am to 12 pm